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Bilingual children's books

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Reading age:
2 and up

Tim can't fall asleep. His little wolf is missing!

Perhaps he forgot him outside? On the playground maybe? He heads out all alone into the night...

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wild swans cover

4 and up

Andersen's "The Wild Swans" is one of the world's most popular fairy tales for a good reason. In its timeless form it addresses the issues out of which human dramas are made: fear, bravery, love, betrayal, separation and reunion.
This edition recounts the classical fairy tale in a sensitive and child-friendly form.

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beautiful dream cover

3 and up

Lulu can't fall asleep. Everyone else is dreaming already - the shark, the elephant, the little mouse, the dragon, the kangaroo, the knight, the monkey, the pilot. And the lion cub. Even the bear has trouble keeping his eyes open ...
Hey bear, will you take me along into your dream?
Thus begins a journey for Lulu that leads her through the dreams of her cuddly toys - and finally to her own most beautiful dream.

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